One original sci-fi story per day for all of 2023 | Created by screenwriter Timothy Michael Cooper, illustrated using A.I.



[Recording starts] Subject sits calmly in observation chamber, eyes closed

[0:17] REM beneath eyelids; small limb twitches

[0:54] Subject mumbles in language (unknown)

[1:26] Chair levitates at approximately 6 inches off ground

[1:58] Subject falls to floor, screaming begins

[2:29] Subject’s eyes open, pupils nonvisible, only sclera; blood seeps from subject’s pores, covering all visible skin

[2:47] Orally expels viscous fluid (unknown), hole burns through entire floor

[3:06] New scene appears to have been intercut with recording—winged humans fighting tentacled beings, in clouds—perhaps from a movie?

[3:14] Static impairs visuals, recording ends