One original sci-fi story per day for all of 2023 | Created by screenwriter Timothy Michael Cooper, illustrated using A.I.

Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth

What you said you’d do if it was your last day on earth, vs. what you actually did (when you heard about the meteor):

Planned: Forgive all your enemies
Actual: Threw a brick through one enemy’s bay window; sprained shoulder

Planned: Eat everything in sight
Actual: Ate everything in sight; diarrhea

Planned: Pray to as many gods as possible
Actual: Took God’s name in vain (re: diarrhea, sprained shoulder)

Planned: Call your estranged stepdad
Actual: Chatting reminded you both why you’re estranged

Planned: Dance in the streets like nobody’s watching
Actual: Got crushed by a 12-year-old joyriding his mom’s Acura