One original sci-fi story per day for all of 2023 | Created by screenwriter Timothy Michael Cooper, illustrated using A.I.



“This might be awkward,” Derrick began, “but I've been sleeping with your clone.”

“Oh, really?” I grunted noncommittally. I'd known for a while, and wasn't terribly bothered. She was only my half-clone, anyway—derived from my clone-mother, not me directly.

Truth is, Derrick wasn’t the only cheater. I’d secretly cloned him—one guess how—and we got along great, since I was the only woman he (Derrick Prime) had ever known.

We were already thinking of eloping. Yes, he’d only been cultivated two weeks ago, but when you know, you know.

“Aren’t you upset?” Derrick was saying. I shrugged, already daydreaming of Maui.